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Find the right rental space for you.

why join us

Taking hours to search online and offline

Renters have traditionally had to spend two to three weeks finding a space to stay, including collating information and visiting sites. If you found a promising space, there would still have been a need to scout nearby areas with "Wanted Bedspacer" or "Room for Rent" signages for other vacancies with comparable prices.

We took a look at what is most important for people looking to rent spaces and made it easier to see all of this in one page. Similarly, this allows people offering spaces to rent a way to paint the clearest picture of their property before an ocular is even made.


Filter for every option lets you filter rental options for stays of one month, six months or more, within your locale, at whatever budget you set. Listings are tagged according to whether you’d like a private or shared space, or even an entire place just to yourself. We’ve made it more convenient for you to see immediately if spaces are available in apartments, dormitories, condominiums, or houses.

Be part of the community innovating
for the benefit of renters and landlords.